1bt.pl (formerly: Qatalogus) has been translating for 10 years now. Our motto reads: Responsible translation because we know how harmful irresponsible translation can be. We offer responsible translations and interpretations in 30 languages. Our prices are competitive but sustainable. Polish Russian and Ukrainian Translations from English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian are quoted at PLN 42 per page (EUR 11), or

EUR 0.044/word.

We offer translations from Polish too, but note that Polish is not a popular second language, and therefore native speakers translating from Polish usually have been educated as linguists. This is why a technical, financial or legal translation from Polish usually requires a two step approach: first, translation to English (sometimes German) done by a Polish specialist, and then translation by a native tech translator to his native language.

We do NOT believe in professional translation offered by linguists: they are so ignorant in quantum mechanics that no dictionary will ever help them. Professional text must be translated by a professional of its very subject. Our translators are subject professionals first of all:

  • annual reports are translated by accountants
  • financial offers or loan contracts by bankers t
  • tech specifications by engineers
  • drugs' descriptions by chemists
  • ...and so on...


What is the subject a linguists knows about?

When your mortgage depends on translated documents, better try a translator educated in banking than the one who read letters.

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